I know, I’m pretty opinionated.

I don’t go to coffee shops for months and then I go two days in a row.  Love it.

I’m back at this new discovery.  Just had a nice little phone convo with a friend who is babysitting and had to take the kids to their ultra-conservative, ultra-Evangelical church.  So we had a little phone chat about organized religion and how she spent most of the mass texting me and reading a Women’s Health magazine that she hid in her purse.  And I’m talking about how that pretty much sums up my thoughts regarding organized religion.  And then I realize that the girl who is sitting at a table near me (and it looks like she’s studying for the bar exam–poor thing) is giving me uncomfortable glances and appears to be wearing her Sunday best.


Oops.  Now I’m the creeper.

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I’m back!

Sorry for the hiatus, everyone. Unfortunately I just had not been going to coffee shops. I mean, I’d still pick up the occasional latte on my way to work . . . but I wasn’t spending any time actually camping out at coffee shops.

That is now changing. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I have discovered a local coffee shop that is actually incredibly close to where I live. (Can’t believe it’s taken me five months to find this place! A hidden gem.) I’ve got my trial prep all spread out and will be here for a couple hours. Haven’t had any encounters with creepers yet–everyone here at the moment seems surprisingly pleasant and normal–but I’m sure that’s bound to change.

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Well that’s inappropriate.

Ventured over to the artsy chic coffee shop cafe that I found last summer–the one that had a random photo shoot happening for no apparent reason. The place was packed–hello, city-ish life. I was thrilled to find a spot to sit, a chair that was part of a clutter around a coffee table.

Less thrilled, though, when a couple in their late teens or early twenties plopped down on the sofa across from me. They kind of reminded me of April and Andy from “Parks and Rec,” though without any apparent censor or even a minimal sense of what is appropriate (which is saying a lot). The girl immediately sprawled out, her legs draped over her guy. (Hmmm. This isn’t your living room, young lady.) A couple minutes later a girl walked by in a dress and the lady on the sofa frankly told her boy “that’s why I never wear dresses; I couldn’t sit like this if I was wearing a dress.” (Shouldn’t that be a sign that you shouldn’t sit like that at all?)

It soon took a turn for the even worse, though. Her boy’s sandwich was delivered, and the girl asked if the “white stuff” was mayonnaise. The guy’s response? “No, it’s not mayonnaise. It’s the other white stuff you eat.” The girl actually said, “jiz,” to which the guy laughed and said “it’s a jiz and turkey sandwich!”

Is this for real? Were they really saying this in a cute cafe coffee shop? Out of all the creepers I’ve seen and met and all the crazy things I’ve heard while in coffee shops, this is probably the worst. Inappropriate!

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It is Pumpkin Spice Latte season!

Good news, kids. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! I discovered this good news Thursday evening when I decided to check out a Starbucks in my new area and work on editing a paper I wrote last year that I’d like to eventually have published. It was about eighty degrees out but that didn’t stop me–I was sold once I saw the beautiful Pumpkin Spice Latte display. (Never mind the fact that I’d actually had dreams about these things in the not so distant past.)

The latte was even more delicious than I had remembered.

And this Starbucks was pretty great, too. Pretty large with lots of great tables and chairs. And it was packed, too, which made it excellent for people-watching. I realized as I was packing up my stuff to head home that one of the cute guys sitting at a table looked familiar. It took me a moment or two, but then I remembered–I met him at a party last summer! Part of me was very tempted to say something to him in Starbucks the other day, but it looked like he was in the middle of a meeting of some sort and I was feeling a bit shy. And I’ve of course regretted my decision to not say anything every since.

Anyway. Back to the real purpose of this post. Had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season on Thursday. Had to use all my strength to not drop into a Starbucks to pick one up last night. Did get one today, though! Now that I’m a “grown up” I had a lot of paperwork to do, and I figured a pumpkin spice latte (and some great music–I’m in love with Diamond Rings’ new-ish single “I’m Just Me”) would help me get through all of it.

I was right.

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This is big.

I’ve officially moved into my new city!  (And by “new city” I mean the city I was in last summer, that is.)  Granted, there are still a handful of boxes that need unpacked, but I have officially been here for one week.

A lot has happened in that week.  I found out that I passed the bar exam.  (YAY!)  I found out that I will start work tomorrow.  (YAY!)  And I visited my “favorite” coffee shop in this city. You may recall my table-sharing incident from last summer, or perhaps the baby incident, both of which make me wonder why I like that coffee shop so much. But the place reminded me of my favorite coffee shop as an undergrad. The one that was always full of the perfect blend of professors and students and tourists. The one where I loved to read and work on research. Where I could just sit for hours, plugging away on work, perfectly content. It was also the only coffee shop that would provide enough of an incentive for me to wake up super early to go to work before a morning class.

Anyway. I walked into this coffee shop on Friday and, much to my chagrin, learned that it had been redecorated! No longer did it remind me of my old college favorite. It looked much more modern instead of cozy. But my drink was still absolutely delicious (there is something so unique about their espresso!), so the place remains on my “favorites” list.

And last night I dreamt about Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Oh geeze. It’s September 3rd and I’m actually having dreams about those things! It doesn’t feel like autumn yet. I’m wearing sundresses, not sweaters. So, in other words, not exactly sure where the dream came from. But I’m absolutely sure that I’ll see if those drinks are out yet and, if they are, will probably need to get one at some point today.


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“I wonder if they are related.”

Went to a Starbucks today for the first time since before the bar exam.  No doubt the longest length of time I’ve gone without Starbucks since I started law school three years ago.  (Yes.  I’m a regular.)

My mom and I, enjoying one of the many wonderful shopping malls near my parents’ house, decided to stop into one of the mall’s two Starbucks for some vanilla lattes.  While waiting for our drinks, a woman came up to us, told us that she noticed us as we were walking in and wondered if we were related.  (She was behind us in line.)  Then saw us ordering and realized that we were definitely related and, at first, thought we might be sisters.  My mom made a comment, “how timely; my birthday is tomorrow.”  The lady then asked where I went to school–thought I was a college kid.  “Oh, I just graduated from law school.”  “Well it must run in the family, then!”  (This was accompanied by a blank stare on my part–my mind immediately went to the study of the law, and the only other lawyer in the family is a distant cousin.)  “You both look so young!”

Every time my mother and I have had a “major” outing during the past two weeks, someone has asked if we were sisters (and seemingly legitimately, too–not an empty complement kind of thing).  About every other time I go out, as well as during some of these “major” outings, others make comments that clearly illustrate a belief that I am in college.  Helps my “I feel so young” complex.

And, just about every single time I go out with my sister, people get very excited with a nice little exclamation of “oh, twins!” which is thrilling, seeing as my sister is four and a half years younger than me and is, in fact, in college.  People often ask her if she models, though, and most people who don’t know her think she’s the older of my parents’ two daughters, so I’ll take the twins thing as a complement, I guess.

So my reentry into the coffee shop world, in other words, was an epic success.

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Temporary absence.

Seeing as there are about four and a half days until the bar exam (crunch time!), and the last time I went to a coffee shop (a couple days ago) I met a girl who was also studying for the bar and had failed (sounded like this will be her third time to retake the exam, actually) and felt a need to share “helpful advice” with me that only freaked me out, I’ve put coffee shops on hold until after the exam itself.  Sorry, kids.

In the meantime, though, I’ve been loving and its “Coffee Shop Indie” playlist.  Highly recommended.  With that playlist and my homemade iced coffee it’s almost as if I’m at a coffee shop, sans the creepers.  Though my dog is being pretty odd and has spent the last four hours under the bed–never mind the fact that she’s a decent sized fifty-pound dog–so I guess she could count as a creeper here.

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